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Why choose me?

What I am, that others are often not:

  • Working with trusted suppliers: I aim to make sure that your property is properly looked after. If anything should need attention to your property, I know and trust those we use.

  • Working in your interests: I have no incentive to sell add-on products and services to you.  I have freedom of choice over suppliers and will act in your interests.

  • Fair: I am fair and transparent in my fee structure, there will be no hidden charges on top of draft contracts.

  • Local and independent: my office is located in Chicksgrove, South Wiltshire.  I manage properties across South Wiltshire and North/East Dorset.

  • Flexible & dedicated: I will work with you to offer a bespoke management service tailored to your needs; no two landlords have the same expectations.  I will take your expectations into consideration from the start.

  • Mostly, I want to look after your property the way I would want my property to be looked after – to the highest standards.  

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