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Unoccupied, Second Home Property

Home visits to be confirmed with owner, dependent on needs and location of property.

Tenanted Property


CHARGE: Full Management, 10%


For the duration of the contract I will:


  • Advise relevant utility providers (water, gas, electricity) of change to tenants.


  • Undertake two (2) inspection visits per annum and notify landlord of the outcome of each.


  • Provide tenants with a contact helpline number out of office hours.


  • Arrange routine maintenance by contractors (e.g. cleaning of gutters, chimney sweeping, boiler certificate).

        I will provide you with 2 quotes, and only when charges are agreed with you, will I instruct the contractors to undertake the necessary work.


  • Register landlord and tenant details and protect the security deposit with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (the Scheme), providing the tenant with the necessary information.


  • Produce an annual report of related expenditure.


  • Hold keys throughout tenancy term.


Note, there is no Renewal Fee.

Other Fees (Non-optional)

  • Initial Inventory Fee (fee dependent on size of property)

       Within five (5) working days of the start of any tenancy, I will arrange for an inventory provider to undertake an inventory of your  property,  to

       record the condition of the property - such an inventory to include a schedule of condition of the property and taking

       meter readings for utilities and services.


  • Check-out fee (fee dependent on size of property) for:


  • agree with tenant check out date and time appointment;

  • instruct inventory provider to attend the property and produce an Exit Inventory report;

  • Negotiate with tenant and landlord any disbursement of the security deposit (where applicable); and,

  • Return remaining deposit as agreed with landlord and tenant (or as determined by the Scheme) to relevant parties.


  • Arrange for an Energy Performance Certificate (fee dependent on size of property)


  • Arrange for an Annual Gas Safety Certificate (fee dependent on size of property)

Other Fees (optional)

  • Where attending your property for specific requests, such as neighbour disputes, where more visits are required to monitor the tenancy, or any maintenance-linked visits -£20 (per hour).


       The above includes such things as - attending any Tribunal  hearings on your behalf, as instructed.


  • Arrangement fee for refurbishments over £500 - 12 % of net cost, to include:


  • Arranging access and assessing costs with contractor;

  • Overseeing the work to be carried out; and,

  • Retaining warranty or guarantee as a result of any work (to be provided to you at that he end of the Tenancy).


  • Obtaining more than 2 contractors quotes - £20 per additional quote.



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